We produce all of our house beers on a 7-barrel brewhouse which was custom-built for LBC. Our brewing philosophy is focused on handcrafting a wide range of ales and lagers with an emphasis on traditional brewing methods and sourcing the finest ingredients available. To that end, we offer a rotating variety of styles alongside a limited lineup of year-round brews. While many of the beers we craft are dispensed on tap with CO2, we also create classic cask-conditioned ales as well as nitrogenated draft beers to highlight the complex range of flavors that result from differing methods of maturation and dispense. Another unique aspect we incorporate into our process is the use of a draft infusion system. Charged with hops, coffees, herbs, spices or other distinct ingredients, this system allows us to impart an unlimited bounty of signature flavors to our already diverse lineup of brews. The utilization of these various techniques allows us to offer over 50 distinct brews annually.

Greg Emig, Brewmaster

Star City Lager
This Dortmund-style lager is brewed with imported pilsner and Vienna malts to create a medium-bodied golden lager. Imported Styrian Golding Hops provide solid bitterness to back the malt foundation. A well balanced, classic German lager.
ABV 5.0%, IBUs 32

Eastside Bitter
A traditional extra special bitter (ESB), this ale is the result of a blend of English pale and caramel malts to create just the right body. We then incorporate classic English hop varieties to create a harmonious balance with the malts. A rich copper color enhances this delicious brew. Sure to satisfy a bitter man~ or woman!
ABV 5.3% IBU 38

  • Bronze Medal 2004 Indiana State Fair
  • Silver Medal 2001 World Beer Championships

Piper's Pride
Our take on a classic Scottish ale, this beer utilizes pale, crystal and chocolate malts with a small dose of smoked malt. The resulting brew sports a rich ruby color with distinctive notes of caramel and toffee, followed by a subtle smoky finish. Smooth in character, yet complex enough for the seasoned craft beer drinker.
ABV 5.7% IBU 30

  • Gold Medal 2004 Indiana State Fair
  • Silver Medal 1999 Indiana State Fair
  • Silver Medal 1999 World Beer Championships

Tippecanoe Common Ale
This unique ale features pale and crystal malts with a generous helping of Amarillo® hops. The end result is a beautiful amber ale with a signature hop character and aroma.Truly an LBC original!
ABV 5.8% IBU 64

  • Gold Medal 2008 Indiana State Fair
  • Gold Medal 2007 Indiana State Fair
  • Bronze Medal 2004 Indiana State Fair

This aggressive American ale features a hearty quantity of pale malt and a massive dose of US~grown Centennial and Cascade hops. The resulting ale is a rich golden color and rather light in body, yet has a huge citrus aroma and is extremely bitter. Our own alpha acid test!
ABV 6.2% IBU 85

  • Silver Medal 2004 Indiana State Fair
  • Bronze Medal 2001 World Beer Championships
  • Silver Medal 2001 Indiana State Fair

Black Angus Oatmeal Stout
The revival of a unique English stout, this brew combines five malts with 10% real oatmeal and hops from the Pacific Northwest. This black ale is full~bodied and roasty with hints of chocolate. Like mom always said: Drink Your Oatmeal! ABV 6.2% IBUs 36

  • Silver Medal 2004 Indiana State Fair
  • Silver Medal 1998 World Beer Championships

Cask Conditioned
A traditional English practice of maturing and dispensing fresh, unfiltered ale. The beer undergoes a secondary fermentation in the vessel from which it is dispensed and served via an authentic English beer engine. The resulting pints are smooth and creamy. Inquire with your server regarding today’s selection: Ask For Cask!

Specialty Ale
A sign of the season or just the brewmaster’s whim we offer a rotating variety throughout the year. Ask your server for today’s seasonal offerings.